Yuto & De Boom (English)

Cézanne Tegelberg & Company (6 t/m 106 jaar)
za 8 okt ’22 20:30
za 8 okt ’22
  • za 8 okt ’22
    Grote Zaal toneel op toneel

Walk through this live book experience

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Yuto & the Tree. Take your family on an exploration through a constantly changing labyrinth with stunning puppets, shadows and moving drawings. Put on your headphones and let yourself be drawn into the story of an extraordinary friendship between a boy and a tree. This family experience is based on award winning picture book I give you my heart by Pimm van Hest and Sassafras de Bruyn.

The Story

Little Yuto is given a small wooden box by an old man in a shop. "This box contains all you'll ever need", he says. But the box won't open. The day before his seventh birthday, Yuto dreams of the old man. When he wakes the box is open and Yuto finds a seed in the shape of a heart. He plants the seed and a tree begins to grow. Together, they grow up.
A tale about listening with your heart and never being truly alone. About growing up and growing old, and about knowing when the time has come to go.

  • This performance is suitable for everyone from 6 to 106. Feel free to bring your (grand) children, but the performance is definitely worth seeing even without children.
  • Duration approximately 40 minutes
  • You walk through the decor in a group of up to 10 people. A new group starts every 10 minutes

Yuto De Boom is played a total of 36 times. Do you want to go to the performance, but the appropriate time is not available in the right language? Please contact us. We can adjust the language per time slot (if no tickets have been sold yet).

A unique and loving experience

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